“There’s no doubt : what Huu Bac Quach does is unique in the world!”
Frédéric Cardin Radio-Canada, Ici-Musique

“Huu Bac’s music and his friendly demeanor instantly broke through any cultural barriers with the audience.”
Alayne McGregor – Ottawa Jazz Scene

“Huu Bac wanted to blend eastern and western music and his performance was an incredible demonstration of how that goal has grown and thrived.”
Tom Best – The Interior News

“Huu Bac Quintet captivated the audience with a splendid performance.”
BC Local News

“Huu Bac Quintet enthralled concert-goers with its signature blend of traditional jazz and music from around the world.” ”
Ryan Macrae – The Argosy (Mount Allison Paper)

“…with the objective of offering something different…It’s mission accomplished.”
Michel Scarpino– L’Écho de La Tuque

“A reinvented jazz.”
Éric Martin – Le Nord-Côtier

“Finesse, virtuosity and boldness….”
Reine Côté – Journal Accès

“The founder, Huu Bac Quach,…isn’t shy to infuse North American accents, in a harmonious blend of cultures.”
Ronald Martel – La Presse – LaTribune

“…a nuanced and well rounded performance,…”
Anne-Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec – Journal Métro – Le Messager

“Huu Bac Quintet, a group lead by an original and audacious composer-performer,…, a musical journey where originality flirts with eclecticism.”
Éric Dumais – La Bible Urbaine

“Huu Bac Quach, an artist to keep an eye on.”
Yves Bernard – Le Devoir

“The show of Huu Bac Quintet is original.  The ancestral asian touch brings a nice element to jazz, a more contemporary muscial style.  A group to discover…”
Reine Côté – Nord Info & Voix des Mille-Iles

“Huu Bac Quach, a musician versed in using MANY instruments… Impressive was Huu Bac’s dexterity using varying instruments…”
Marlon Regis – The Huffington Post

Rich and complex harmonies leading us to a reassuring unknown territory…
Joëlle Desjardins – Nord Info

the balance between jazz and asian influences reminded us of the harmony between nature’s elements…”
Alexandre Faille – La Tribune, Sherbrooke

“Huu Bac Quintet,…, blew us away with his dynamysm, talent, humour and his creativity.”
Marie-Josée Boucher – Info-Culture